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Kalós izarté, Welcome to KOSMOS

Kosmos, a place which gathers all the fanlistings about Saint Seiya, Knights of the Zodiac, that previously was hosted in Eternal Star but now is under the awesome Sacred Band domain. This place has been created to pay tribute to the wonderful characters which appear in this amazing series created by Masami Kurumada for over 25 years, where the adventures of five brave young men and the Goddess Athena, that they must protect, are told.

To navigate on this site, just choose one destination and you will visit characters fanlistings or explore the relationship/rivalry of them. Also, you can learn something about the story behind these fanlistings, check out their affiliates or even join to them. You are invited as well to take a look to the other projects from Eternal Star, that now, are hosted under Twin Suns shelter.




Disclaimers and Credits

Kosmos is an unofficial, free and non commercial web project, created by and for fans of the fictional universe of Saint Seiya (The Knights of the Zodiac) produced by Masami Kurumada, Shingo Araki et al. This site is free of direct or covert advertisement. All images on this site are property of TOEI Animation Co. Ltd., or TMS Entertainment, with non profit use and under the so-called Fair Use acknowledged in several international and local law royalties.

If you have any question, suggestion (affiliation, codes donation), please do not hesitate to contact us in the following form.